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HeadachesChiropractic provides natural holistic solution to your chronic headache and migraine headache pain.  It is merely an illusion that we feel pain we think is in our head.  The pain you feel is actually referral pain from somewhere else in your body such as muscles or joints in areas like the jaw, neck, or back.

Stress headaches appear a few different ways; metabolic or chemical stress, structural (migraine, tension headache) formed through a stressful pattern in the body.  A build up of tension through non-natural posture will also add to the state of your headache..


The nervous system controls the muscles and the alighment of the body.  Different stress factors irritate your system.  Below are common causes of stress headaches:

  • Stress
    • Both physical and emotional stress increase the defensive mode of the nervous system
  • Chemical or Diet
    • Chocolate, caffeine, nitrates, cheese, nuts, wine and many more
  • Sleeping habits
    • How you sleep directly affects the state of your nerve pathways
  • Tension
    • In the jaw, neck, and back
  • Certain medications
  • Hormones


I put the motion back in your joints, balance your posture, and relax your muscles.  By aligning your body back to its intended structure, the nerves can send normal feedback to your brain, reducing the pain perceived as a headache.